aurora is an open source project.  below is everything you need to make one for yourself.  the intent of publishing the files is to generate interest in the community, not to make you rich.  we are interested in seeing how you use aurora, feel free to post any mods in the forum.  make sure to review the manual for recommended setup.

unless noted all content and files  on this page are licensed under a creative commons license Creative Commons License 


[manual] read this for a better idea of how to use aurora

[white paper: english] [white paper: german] technical description of aurora. german courtesy of dennis t


[installer:windows] [app:windows] [app:os x] [software setup manual] recommended software for control

[ableton live] aurora224 template for ableton live 7


[max/msp] read from and write to aurora.  control midi and manually set ambient lighting

[pd]  use this patch to test auroras output and ambient lighting

[pd]  this patch reads from and writes to aurora.  use this patch to relay midi data


[hex] this code transmits state of knobs, sliders, and buttons from the pic18lf4525

[source] ansi c source for pic18lf4525 written for source boost compiler

[asm]  assembly for pic18lf4525

[hex] this code receives ambient light data and bit bangs pwm to led driver

[source] ansi c source for pic18lf2525 written for source boost compiler

[asm]  assembly for pic18lf2525


[schematics] [flickr] full schematic of electronics

[gerbers] pcb artwork and nc drill file

[bom] [bom pdf] electronics bill of materials

[top panel] this is the top aluminum panel of aurora.  open using front panel express.

[botton panel] this is the bottom plexiglass panel of aurora.  open using front panel express.

[bom] [bom pdf] mechanical bill of materials